Upgrading Ignition: New Module Versions

Hello, I am performing an Ignition upgrade for a client (from version 8.0.9 to 8.1.13). For testing purposes, I am creating a sheet with the expected module versions after the upgrade is completed. I am having a hard time finding the some module version information. It would be extremely helpful if someone could answer, or point me towards the following module versions for Ignition 8.1.13:
1.) What mobile module version should I expect?
2.) What manual module version should I expect?
3.) My current TTS Voice - en_us_katherine module version is 3.8.2, what TTS Voice Module (Katherine) should I expect with the upgrade?

Both 1 and 2 don’t exist in 8.x, are you sure you’re upgrading from 8.0.9 and not a 7.x version?

It seems the latest voices are available here: https://support.inductiveautomation.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047599091-Voice-Notification-Downloads

Because of their legacy status I’m not sure any versions changes can be expected.

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Yes, I am positive about the current version being 8.0.9. Those modules may not exist anymore, I am using an old template that probably dates back to the 7.x version. Would it make sense for the User Manual Module version to exist as 4.9.10 at one point, maybe from a 7.x Ignition Version?

Yeah, possibly from a 7.9.10 Ignition.

Most modules have the last digit of their version updated in step with the platform version’s last digit. The voices may have been an exception to that.

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Thank you for your help.