Upgrading Ignition to new server

Hello, we currently have Ignition 7.9.14 on an old MS 2008 server and we recently purchased a MS 2019 server with better hardware. We installed Ignition 8.1.15 on the new server, and made a backup file of the 7.9.14 gateway.

Can the Ignition 7.9.14 backup file restore on Ignition 8.1.15?

Thanks for any feedback!

Yep! This is a good way to test your upgrade to 8.1.15 without touching your original system.

Though you should probably take care not to run both at the same time, or you’ll have multiple connections to devices, DBs, etc…

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Thanks for the response @Kevin.Herron! Would it cause an conflicts to have both systems running at the same time or will it just cause data duplication? The reason I ask is if it just cause data duplication, we might want to live with duplicate data for the time being until we can decide on a cutover date to retire the old server.

It’s not good for tag history to have 2 gateways with the same ID pointed at the same tables. Same for transaction groups.

Also, more often than not, if you have 2 or more gateways polling the same PLCs you will find the PLC can’t keep up with the requested polling rates any more.

Ah, good to know, we certainly don’t want to tax the PLCs any more than they already are. We’ll plan for a system cutover date then. Thanks again for the input @Kevin.Herron

I recommend you isolate the 2019 server so you can inspect your projects’ visuals on v8.1.5. There are usually a few things (fonts, spacing, background colors) that need tweaking.