Upgrading PMI

Currently I’m using PMI v. 2.0.2, can I upgrade PMI to v. 3.2.1 without purchasing an upgrade?

No, major version changes (thats the first number in our 3-number versions) require the purchase of an upgrade. The details are spelled out in the Support Policy which you can find here inductiveautomation.com/support/policy/

From Carl’s support policy link - you’re most expensive Major Version upgrade is 50% of the new price.

You can upgrade to 2.2.0 (the latest build in Version 2) for free. That will get you the docking framework in the designer and component styles. I’d recommend considering FSQL 4.x and FPMI 3.x - SQLTags is a substantial feature, not to mention all the other updates and upgrades (SSL, Java 6 support, 2x Faster window loads, in-designer window previews, and much more).