Upgrading to Ignition 8.0 Changed Trends in my Project

I’ve uploaded a picture of the trends. This is a watermeter flow rate, so it goes from a value of 0, to a value of 80 (or 190), stays there for a while and then goes back down to 0. Just like the trend shows before September 22nd.

On September 22nd I upgraded to 8.0 and suddenly the data started adding in an interpolated slope all the way up to the flow rate, significantly changing the way the flow rate trend looks. Examples on Sep. 23, 24, and 25. Any ideas what could be causing this?


I ran into similar issues with Ignition 8 trending and suspect it is a bug but haven’t followed up on it. A quick but non-ideal workaround is to set the maximum interval between samples lower.

I’ve started doing this anyway (setting the Max interval lower, e.g. to 5s) so that the trends display as an operator would expect them to. Without setting this, if the value doesn’t change for a bit and values aren’t captured, then strange things start being displayed (gaps in data, blank trend lines from the bounding edges into the plot, and interpolation between points that isn’t indicative of what actually happened)
Albeit, I never noticed this for analogue values from flowmeters as generally these change value frequently, even when they’re at 0 it tends to fluctuate up and down a few mL/min