Upload Ignition Gateway backup project


I am trying to take the core certificate test project via the trial mode. I am confused about where to upload the Ignition Gateway backup for the troubleshooting section. Do I download the Designer, Vision Client Launcher, Perspective Workstation, or Perspective Session Launcher? Any additional help to get me started would be greatly appreciated.

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Use a web browser, after ignition is installed, navigate to localhost:8088, go to config section, backup/restore


You may not ask test-related questions here. At all. Contact IA's testing department.

{ This precisely the kind of question tests use to sus out just how qualified you are. You are not supposed to be taking the test to learn Ignition, but to check that you have learned. }

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Hi Mike,

Phil is correct. Any questions you have on the test should be sent to training@inductiveautomation.com.

I will point out that like Phil said, this is supposed to be a test of your abilities where you show that you know how to do all of these things. Loading the gateway backup is on the simpler end of what the test asks you to do. I would consider taking the time to learn more about Ignition before attempting the test any further.

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