Uploading and overwriting a project bug

So this may be a small issue but it caused a big problem for me and my client recently. After uploading an updated .proj file and overwriting an old one, every category (Name, Description, Default Tag Provider, etc) uploads correctly except for the Authentication Profile. I get an indication that there’s and issue with the Authentication Profile. No big deal, I just go to edit and select the correct Authentication Profile. But here’s where the issue comes in. When I switch the Authentication Profile, the Default Tag Provider switches to “default” all on its own even though it had the correct Tag Provider previously. I hadn’t realized that it had switched and I ended up importing into the wrong tag provider and copying over a bunch of tags with the same names. Took me a little bit to figure out what had happened and I was able to do a Backup/Restore to get all the tags back. Would have been a Nightmare without the backup. Just thought I’d bring this little quirk to your attention. Thanks!