Uploading csv file from Local machine to the remote server by FTP protocol

Hello, everybody!
I need yor advice. I have a task and it’s uploading a CSV file, that was generated and saved by ignition with the special skript on local server, to the remote server using FTP protocol. How i can realize this task in most correct way?
I have tried to use skript:

But i got errors like this:

"Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<script playground>", line 9, in <module>
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 437, in storlines
    conn = self.transfercmd(cmd)
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 356, in transfercmd
    return self.ntransfercmd(cmd, rest)[0]
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 321, in ntransfercmd
    host, port = self.makepasv()
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 299, in makepasv
    host, port = parse227(self.sendcmd('PASV'))
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 241, in sendcmd
    return self.getresp()
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 207, in getresp
    resp = self.getmultiline()
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 193, in getmultiline
    line = self.getline()
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\ftplib.py", line 180, in getline
    line = self.file.readline()
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\socket.py", line 1599, in readline
    data = self._sock.recv(self._rbufsize)
  File "C:\Users\??\.ignition\cache\gwlocalhost_8088_8043_main\C1\pylib\socket.py", line 1199, in recv
    raise _map_exception(jlx)
socket.error: (10054, 'Software caused connection abort')"

The most common cause for a socket error 10054 is the use of an invalid FTP host address. Double-check to make sure that you are using the correct FTP host address.

A socket error 10054 can also be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • The remote server was stopped or restarted.
  • The remote network interface is disabled for some reason.
  • There are too many users logged on to the server.
  • Your account on the remote server is restricted for some reason.