Upper and Lower Guides for XY Chart in Perspective

I’m sure this is super simple, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to add min/max guides to a line chart similar to what is in the screen shot below. I’ve watched the video on Inductive University and looked at all of the settings in the user guide, but I don’t think I’m looking for the correct name.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

2021-08-08 22_48_47-Window

Those are not guidelines, they are the indicators of the outputTemp (for values 40/60)
The other ‘dotted lines’ from outputtemp just happend to be covered by the full lines of processTemp


LOL! No wonder I couldn’t recreate them. So is there any way to put some sort of MIN/MAX range on a chart that shows up on the chart? Or would I need to just create a data point, data source, and/or series that has those values?

I was hoping for something easy I could attach to an existing series, but it wouldn’t be a huge issue if I needed to just add data points.

The XY Chart in particular is on the “dumb” side of charting - it just displays what you give it, nothing more or less. Probably your best bet is to just add additional constant-value data to the input.