Urgent help needed

I have been developing an Ignition edge project. many times I saved the project and tested it out in a window browser. Today I had to reboot my PC and after the reboot my Ignition Edge loaded somehow the project, but with what I had about a month ago. All my current changes are gone? I did make a backup about a month ago, but I have no idea why restarting my PC Ignition would reload that. I did not do an import. Why would Ignition go back a month? Does anybody know if there is a backup somewhere or history about recent saved files? or last saved files to restore. If not, I lost a month of work, what is really bad.

Any help would be appreciated.

As per your title, if this is urgent then contact support. This forum is not support, it is for discussion.


Sounds to me like Windows went back a month, not Ignition. Is this a PC that is on continuously, and running any embedded version of Windows? Perhaps with the Write Filter enabled?

If so, your month's work is permanently gone.

Edit: Look at Window's event log. Aside from the events logged since the most recent boot, look for any events logged over the past month. That should tell you if the whole disk got reset as would happen with the Write Filter tool.

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I am not running any embedded version of windows. I see files in the download folder from 2 days ago.
In what folder is the project stored? I want to look to see if there is anything that I can recover.

Ok. You should stop poking and call support.

{ Ignition stores everything under the install folder by default. }

One thing I want to mention. After I rebooted my PC, I ran perspective workstation first. There I noticed that it was the old version I had. then I loaded the designer and I saw also the old version there as well?
I am not convinced that windows went back a month.

I called support. Waiting for them to get back to me.

A Windows system restore would leave files in "user directories" (such as downloads) alone, but roll back everything related to installed programs...such as workstation and Ignition.

There's nothing in Ignition that could simultaneously restore an old version of your project and an old version of Workstation at the same time.


You should create backups at least daily. Set Ignition up to backup automatically.