Urgent! Offline unactivation / activation process failed

Working through a recommended process on ticket 27656. That process suggested removing the license, stopping the gateway, deleting some modbus drivers, restarting the gateway, and adding back the license.

This Ignition (8.1) gateway is not internet connected. During unactivating and reactivating, I downloaded the unactivation_message.txt and activation_message.txt files. Attempting to use the offline activation tool at Support - Inductive Automation from my internet connected laptop, I am getting a response “Unable to process the unactivation [activation] request.”

I attempted this process during non-production hours. Unfortunately, that also means while phone support is unavailable. I need to get it reactivated before Monday morning startup.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

You can reactivate it without inactivating, but it will go into an emergency 7 day period, so you’ll have 7 days to get it resolved

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Thank you for the response. I wasn’t aware of the 7 day emergency reactivation.

I was able to get this activated, thanks all.