URGENT SCADA PC station HDD failure. License activation problem

Hello guys,

Our WWT Plant have been controlled through Ignition SCADA. As our PC Station is suddenly dead due to HDD failure. We lost the license file in the HDD.

Since we replace with new PC station, currently SCADA is under Emergency Activation for 7days and getting the unactivation request file from the previous PC is impossible.

So kindly support us in resolving the License issue as our operation is highly critical.

Give support a call, ive had this happen and they took care of it right away.


For all urgent support requests, go to Support directly; this forum is not an official support venue.


Thanks Mr.Paul

Reached support team and the issue is resolved

But I’m facing the another issue in Easychart, the trends are not updating, if the switch between multiple trend windows
it’s getting updated.

The real-time values and continues graph doesn’t works.

Start a new thread, and describe your problem with any relevant scripts/information supplied.