Urgent support required

Is anyone from IA providing support today? We urgently need a licence upgraded for a customer.

If someone from IA reads this please post a reply or reply to the email I’ve sent to support.


Al - you can reach after hours support by going through the automated menu to the “emergency support line” of 1.800.266.7798. Typically, this is reserved for “middle of the night” type emergencies, billed at $350/hr. I’d recommend explaining your situation up front and seeing what can be done. I emailed a few of the guys to see if there’s anything they can do to help you now. They should wake up within a few hours in CA.

Support Policy

Hi Nathan,

I was trying to upgrade the licence at the end of a long day, but it was still only mid-morning in CA due to the time difference so the emergency support line was not operational.

I’ll wait to see if I hear from anyone soon.

I sent you an email via the support address.

Nobody was in the office because it was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. Did this get handled?

Hi Carl,

Kevin has granted me another activation. As this server is offline, I understand I now need to download the activation request file from the Ignition Gateway before downloading a licence file and using it on the server - but I can’t see how to do this :scratch:

If you attempt to activate on an offline gateway it’s supposed to detect that you have no internet connection and redirect you to a page that lets you download the activation_request.txt file and explains the process.

Is this not happening?

No - this is on a locked-down network, so any attempted access to a blocked web page displays an error.

EDIT: I just tried the key and it has now taken me to the Offline Activation page. My final challenge is getting the activation request file off this PC - it doesn’t even allow unauthorised USB drives!

This is a bit goofy, but try unplugging the ethernet before you attempt to activate.

Edit: Ok, I see you’ve got the request file. Good luck with the USB thing :mrgreen:

I managed to get the file off using a combination of Windows Terminal Server, Ubuntu and Samba. However, the file I received back was a license.bin file and when I tried to upload this to the server it complained and said it wanted a license.ipl file.

Errr, rename it to .ipl maybe? I have no idea where a .bin file would be coming from.

Success! Many thanks for your help on a weekend Kevin. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Thanks! Glad you got it worked out :slight_smile: Have a good weekend.