URL Parameters to set client's tags on mobile module

Something like this but in mobile module too, to track on client side (running on gateway) which mobile equipment launch it.

Maybe in this way: /main/system/mobile?project=MyProject&ParamName=SomeValue


I’ll try and work something like that into the next release of the mobile module, which we’ll be working on as soon as 7.6 is released.

Glad to read that, Carl. Thank you.

Could passing the properties of javascript navigator object by default with this method?

May be solving features requests like this one

Carl, what you think?

I don’t think the navigator object has anything to do with this request sorry. I’ll approach this soon when I’m working on the mobile module.

Not my request… but I refer this one, follow “second thing”… He is asking if it’s possible to detect in a mobile client which os launch the client.

If you can pass url information to client tags, maybe could pass other information in the same way (not in the url, but using the same way to pass information). Passing navigator.platform parameter (or all the parameters in navigator object) by default to clients tags acomplish this task in some way.

Just a suggest.


Ok. This has been added in Mobile module version (7.5.x gateway branch)

Will be added in the 1.6.x branch of Mobile Module?


Yes, the mobile module’s new features are both in 1.5 and 1.6

I asked because this functionality was added in the changelog of version 7.5.10, but not in the changelog of version 7.6.2.

I did a quick test and it worked correctly in version 7.5 and not in 7.6. I’ll try again later to make sure.


Sorry, I should have been more clear. The updates for mobile are in 7.6.3, not 7.6.2