Usage of Ignition Software Trail Version for commercial purpose

Hello everyone,

I need some clarification regarding the use of the Evaluation Instance of Inductive Automation's software. According to the license agreement, the Evaluation Instance can be used without charge but is limited to a two-hour runtime per session. My questions are:

  1. Does this mean we can only use the Evaluation Instance for two hours in total, or can we reset it and continue using it beyond the two-hour limit by restarting the software?
  2. If we can reset it, is it permissible to use the Evaluation Instance repeatedly in a commercial setup by restarting it every two hours for continuous evaluation?

Any insights or official guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can reset it as much as you need to for evaluation purposes. (And development, too. I do most of my development for clients using copies of their gateways in trial mode.)