'Usage Tracking' with Auditing?

We are interested in tracking our project(s) page/view usage by user - a bit like Google Analytics, but much simpler. It seems the Auditing feature gets close to this, but I am unsure if it can be configured to do what we want, which is basically to log the project, page/view being visited along with the current user and timestamp, preferably into a database table (like the Audit feature does).

What options do we have here?


You could use the audit log, but you would need to write to it manually on page/view startup and/or shut down if you want to know duration of stay (of course this gets more complicated to return the info if a user logs off or closes the client)


I had actually considered this approach - using system.util.audit in conjunction with the Page Startup event introduced in 8.0.16, however, I will have to wait until we upgrade (currently on .13) to try it out.
Going a step further, would it be possible to wire up the Page Startup event ‘globally’ without having to manually add to each page?

Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to setup a global view startup script. It’s definitely something that I would create a global script function for though which I would call in each view.
I didn’t realise that the startup/shutdown events weren’t added until 16, that’s a bummer