Use a url name instead of Ip to get to gateway

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I tried looking around but I cant seem to find any information on this. Is there a way instead of having to input the ip plus 8088 in the browser to get to the gateway I can use a name?

Hi @brandon222, if your server and local machine aren’t connected to a domain then you can add the server to your hosts file on your PC. However, you will need to do this for every PC you are trying to connect to the server from.

Your network needs to have DNS names, or place suitable names in /etc/hosts.

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So all this would need to be done on the router/network correct. There’s no settings within the Ignition Gateway to do this?

@brandon222 this is not managed by Ignition. This is normally managed by your DNS server, or as part of your hosts configuration.

to add to these answers you might want to get the gateway running on port 80 and 443 which is the common http and https ports. Setting the Public Address settings correctly helps with some common situations related to redirects within Ignition

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Ok perfect! Thank you everyone for the information I thought it was that way but I just wanted to confirm I’ll see if I can get on the network and see if I can get it done! Thank you again