Use an SQLTag from a PLC in a script?

Beginner question: What is the proper syntax needed to add 10 to an SQLTag value in a script?
It’s a global Event script, Timer type.
Simply putting the tagname in the line does not work: simTankLevel = simTankLevel + 10
Searched all the keywords I could think of. Probably won’t know the correct search keyword until I know the answer… :slight_smile:
Please point me to an example if one is available. Thanks, Vic

In a python script you need to use a function to get and set tag values.

value = system.tag.getTagValue("[]mytag") system.tag.writeToTag("[]mytag", value+10)
You can take a look int the manual under Scripting->Python->API References->system.tag to see all the the functions available for working with tags. If you search for ‘write tag’ in the manual it’s the second hit.

That will get me going, Thanks!