Use Bounds works in preview mode but not in vision

For this project I have two numeric text field inputs that I want to limit to 100-175 and 100-7500 respectively. I have “use bounds?” marked as true and put in the min/max limits. These work correctly in the preview mode, however, when I launch the project, the limits are still at 0-100. I have tried adding and removing the fields, adding and removing the tags and still it will work in preview but not when I launch the project.
Is something blocking the ignition server from updating?

Apparently I needed to set the engineering limits and limit mode. Just changing the limits on the component does not do anything.

You’ve essentially got two tiers of limits:

  • tag limits (clamps), which will trump all other limits and apply across the board wherever you’re trying to write to the tag
  • component-level limits, such as in the numeric input you’re using. These apply to the component only and are useful to set for display purposes as well as to further restrict ranges in some circumstances where the tag limits are too broad. The component limits should always be at or within the tag limits, as anything outside of these will be rejected by the tag limits set, if you’ve set tag limit clamps

For clarity, whenever I said tag limits, I’m talking about the tag engineering ranges where the range has clamps set