Use cached login credentials for project login

Is there any way to pass the username and password that is cached from a windows login to the login of a project? I have active directoy for my authentication on my project, but users get tired of having login again.


Having Java support a SSO (single sign on) with local Windows credentials is a cool idea that has come up before.

I don’t see it coming soon since:

  1. It doesn’t bring any new capability to the table (convenience only)
  2. It is Windows only on the client side, and only applicable for projects authenticating via AD
  3. We have a full list of incredible features on the way (including the new Ignition platform, being released next week).

Here are a few projects/sites that describe how it would work. … -platform/

Yeah, its possible, but would require some JNI (java-native-interface) which is always a bit tricky.