Use camera Surface Pro


I saw some questions about to use the camera of the tablet, i have a surface pro and i want to read a code QR or barcode (or other don`t matter).

this is possible?

7.9? 8.0? 8.1? Vision? Perspective?

8.1, i using vision in my project.
I never used perspective but i can try.

You will need some sort of Ignition Module (most likely) if you want to do this extremely easy. I have one that I have used in the past but I need to rewrite it.

The other way that I have gotten local camera feeds before is to use VLC to output the video stream to a web stream and then use the inbuilt IP camera component to view it. This link has a good writeup on how to do it.

This will be much easier in Perspective.

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Not possible in Perspective either currently for non - mobile app

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thank to all for your answer, only need to wait the perspective solution.


I noticed there hasn’t been any posts here in awhile. I have a customer that using a Surface Pro and like use it to scan barcodes with the camera. Is this feature available to the Surface Pro yet? Is there any work around? The testing that we have done thus far haven’t been successful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated