Use camera Surface Pro


I saw some questions about to use the camera of the tablet, i have a surface pro and i want to read a code QR or barcode (or other don`t matter).

this is possible?

7.9? 8.0? 8.1? Vision? Perspective?

8.1, i using vision in my project.
I never used perspective but i can try.

You will need some sort of Ignition Module (most likely) if you want to do this extremely easy. I have one that I have used in the past but I need to rewrite it.

The other way that I have gotten local camera feeds before is to use VLC to output the video stream to a web stream and then use the inbuilt IP camera component to view it. This link has a good writeup on how to do it.

This will be much easier in Perspective.

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Not possible in Perspective either currently for non - mobile app

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thank to all for your answer, only need to wait the perspective solution.