Use cases for Transaction Groups in Ignition

I removed this content because was a questions I made to a LLMs . Pls delete the post .

I can't imagine anyone responsible for safety signing off on that.


ChatGPT has been smoking something strong. As to be expected.

{ Don't trust LLMs for technical content where you don't already know the answer. They are language models. }

I'm in favor of banning the posting of LLM-generated content on this forum.


I'm not updating the TOS yet, but if it becomes a problem, definitely.

@Gustavo_Rojas please don't make low-effort topics like this again. You've got legitimate contributions in your past posting history, so I don't think you're a spammer, but if a brand new user had tried to submit this post I'd nuke it and ban them outright.

Ignition isn't a large enough product for LLMs to have useful context to "understand" anything about it, really; instead they'll happily spit out nonsense pattern-matched off whatever buzzwords it scraped from the internet.


Thank you for your comment. Got it .

A prime example of ChatGPT of trying to dumb down eveyone.

It started out okay-ish, but quickly went into the weeds with items I would never use a transaction group for.


Got it .

Thank you and I sorry for the post . I tried to delete but I cannot delete .

tbh, this is true about many things, whether they are large or not. LLMs are good for one thing and one thing only -- predicting words that often go together. They have no understanding of what those words are or if the combination they come up with could be disasterous. (Okay, taking off my ML cranky pants. Back to your regular programming)


Don't worry about it; this was actually a great contribution. Every one of us has put something out there that wasn't well received, but at the end of the day, the community on the whole grows from the feedback.

Instead of deleting the post, consider changing the title. Something like: "Hazards of taking LLM responses at face value"


Thank you, Justine. Without missteps is dificult a good learning .