Use Dream Report with Ignition - Proven Partner Program

We are happy to announce that Inductive Automation is the latest member of the Dream Report “Proven Partner” program. :smiley: Our Dream Report automated reporting and data analysis software has been tested with Ignition products. It works today, and we will be delivering additional connectivity in the coming weeks, to have even better integration. … r-program/

Dream Report is available as a fully functioning 2 hour limited demo system from If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use our Contact page.

We are very proud of this collaboration and look forward to supporting our joint applications.

from the press release, it looks like you will be using opc to connect to the data. Im trying to understand this better, is this going to be sqltag values or just directly to tags in ignitions available opc ua drivers?

Also, any plans to make connections to Ignitions sqltag historical databases in the future?


Yes, the plan is for them to develop a connector to the database that will understand the tag history format. The goal is sometime here in Q1.

Given that they already have good db support, it’s natural to use data logged via transaction groups. And with a little bit of database work (a view), and partitioning turned off, it was possible to create a proof of concept using tag history data… but a connector that understands the table format will be preferable.


so does it do sqltags or just opc connectivity via the opc-ua driver?

OPC integration with Ignition is always an option, but our driver will be using SQL access to the database, and it will be aware of the Schema, so very little to no user configuration will be necessary. You will be able to directly browse the information you will want to report on.

The delivery of reports via email or file transfer is just one of our strengths as mentioned above. We also offer an interactive portal for report viewing, and report interaction. The Web Portal works with standard browsers as well as mobile platforms (with a specialized mobile specific format).

We are also about to release a new version, Dream Report 4.6, with greatly enhanced functionality for complex reporting (MES level reporting). This will be ideal for batch reporting. It will include a visual SQL Query Builder. It will also include some very flexible signing functionality (e-signatures), that is a fit for our larger pharma customers.

If I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me at