Use fileExists to see hidden files

I have looked across the forums but haven't had any luck with the exact verbage I guess. Is it possible to see files that are located in Hidden folders? A OEM has created a cache in the AppData folder that I am needing to read info off of but fileExists return false after hitting AppData.

What Ignition (because of Java) can see in the scope of the local process/JVM (Gateway, Client, Designer) is up to the OS. Do you have some sample code you're trying (and where are you calling it from?)

Well, unfortunately I figured it out. I forgot that script console works from the clients perspective and not the gateways(The file I need is on the gateway). Then I tried setting fileExists in a script package, but that's still called from a client scope. I guess I'll have to use some tags and gateway event to do testing?

As for sample code it's really just the fileExists at the moment because that's where I'm starting from

Yes. Putting it into a script library doesn't change anything. All that matters is what scope executes the call.