Use Ignition as a front-end for a database application?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use Ignition as a front-end for a database, kind of like using Access as a front-end for a SQL server. I’m planning on making a SQL table to store alarm set points for different projects. It would be convenient if my users could set the parameters from within Ignition. These set points would be managed from either the Quality or R&D departments, not by the operator on the floor. But still, I’m planning on making all sorts of screens with Ignition for them to look up data and keep an eye on production. It would be neat if I could use it to manage data in SQL.

yes of course you can.

Great :smiley:

I just started using Ignition. An explanation would be great. Or a sample project if someone has something generic they could send me.

I dont have anything to share, but Ignition has all of the tools to do what you are asking about. Since you are new you should try and get access to the training videos from your account rep. IMHO what separates Ignition from the other SCADA software companies is the database support. It just gives you so much flexibility in everything you do.