Use indirect addressing for label text?

Hello all,

I’m new to ignition- I’m trying to make the text of a label scroll through a list of messages based on an integer value that corresponds to the selected message. The path to each string tag is of the format: Message1/Text, Message2/Text, etc. The integer value that points to the string is a tag named MessagePointer.

I can display a single string if I just bind it to an individual tag, but when I try to use expression binding to insert the pointer tag like this: {Message{MessagePointer}/Text}, I get an error “Nested Paths Not Allowed”.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make this work? Thanks a bunch!

This is easy using indirect tag binding (screen clipping in #10 at this link shows it, though the rest may be of interest too):

You’ll want to bind the message pointer to a property on your label and then create an indirect binding on label text which references the message pointer to complete the indirect path.

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Thank you- I will give this a try!