Use Indirect Tag functionality in Expression binding


I’m new to Ignition and still getting my head around how everything fits together.

I’m trying to work out how I can have the functionality of Indirect Tag binding in an expression.

For example, I would like to use the following expression:

"<HTML><B>" + {{Root Container.TankSelectionGroup.AreaSelection.selectedStringValue}/{Root Container.TankSelectionGroup.TankSelection.selectedStringValue}/Temperature/Process Variable}

Where TankSelection and AreaSelection are both drop down menus.
The expression, for instance, should evaluate to something like:

"<HTML><B>"+{Vintage Tank Farm/Tank 560/Temperature/Process Variable}

This expression doesn’t work however as expressions don’t support nested paths. Is there a function or other syntax that I can use to get around this?



Hi Nick,

You can use the tag expression function to build up paths to components in expressions.


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