Use interval in SQL Query

Hello everybody! Can someone help me with the following, I have tags that should be kept in memory for about 90 days, what should I do to make these values appear in the table using a time interval with some time step?
when I want to use the first option, the tags are not displayed and are not written to memory. In the second option, I write to memory but I cannot set the time step!

it will be use on the next picture

In your first image (/method) you are at the folder level, drill down to the tags you want and drag over to the right.

In your second image (/method), instead of ‘{StartString}’ put a ?.. this will bring a new window at the bottom, in there click on the button on the top right and select your start param. Do the same for EndString

in first variant i added some tag to historical tag but it doesn t exist in folder what you see. in second variant startstring and endstring time work correctly, but i can t add step for it!

Have you watched IU?


No that, but i saw and demo project

Do you get the expected dataset returned when running the SQL only in DB query browser (Tools menu in designer).

Watch the IU vids, change the version to 7.9 on IU menu

i will look later, thank`s!