Use NFC/RFID to sign an action

I would like to use a RFID card to authenticate an action.
In other words, we have a workstation with a generic user logged on. But for some action like entering a serial number for a part, we need to authenticate the operator to identify who enter the information. The way we see it, is the operator will click a button to enter the serial number. After, to sign the operation in a database, he will pass his card (something like an employee card) on a NFC/RFID scanner plugged in the workstation.
Once read, the application will ask for a NIP/Password and save data in the database and the generic user still connected.

Is it possible to do this kind of operation and how we manage it.

I am confortable with Ignition/Perspective, database and scripting

Thank you.

Look into the functions below. Have the view catch the event thrown and set a variable or run a script to save the results.



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Thank you kyler.kamyszek this is very interesting, this could be useful as well.
The other problem is the RFID Reader,
Can we use an external USB card reader to authenticate into Ignition or the only way is with a cellphone.
Does it supported any Badge card reader ?

I found this thread which explain well the way to use the badge.

I think I am confused between Badge Auth and NFC scan.

Most card readers are similar to keyboards in that they send characters over USB. So think of a card reader as just a keyboard. If I were to guess, RFIDeas is the brand you’re using?

I haven’t used the badge login feature in ignition, but based on the link you sent, I would say it just allows a badge number to be added to the user so that you don’t have to type in a user name and a password.

Activate Badge login in > create user with a test badge > open ignition login w/ badge login only or run authenticationChallenge function > scan card with USB reader

We haven’t determine the brand for the reader yet.
I’ve done all the proof of concept to accept a authentication challenge with the badge, but I can’t complete the loop because I don’t have the reader.

Thank you, that should do the request.

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