Use of functions in opcitem to alter syntax

I’m new to Ignition. I have a CompactLogix project with extensive use of UDTs often to four or five nested layers or more.
I’ve looked at Ignition UDTs and understand that I can define custom parameters that are then entered at instance creation to complete the OPC addressing of the tag.
Potentially I would need to enter a lot of repeated parameters during the creation of a lot of instances.
It appears that if I place the instances in Ignition tag folders, nested according to my CompactLogix UDT structure then I can simply use the built-in PathToParentFolder property to inherit the tag OPC path from the Ignition tag folder structure. So far so good.
The problem is that the PathToParentFolder returns a folder structure string delimited with “/” characters but the tag path in CompactLogix is delimited by periods “.”
My nested UDT instance resolves the OPC path to something like:


however the tag location in the PLC is:


I have tried placing a string replace function in the Ignition UDT Tag’s OPC path where I am using the {PathToParentFolder} property.
Testing shows that the function does not get called, the name of the function is simply interpreted as a literal string in the OPC path.

Is there a way to call a function here to modify the syntax of the returned path string? The PathToParentFolder property seems like an obvious way to use folder structures to (in a single definition) populate most of the structure of the many UDT instance tags contained in the folders without having to enter these for each instance using custom parameters.