Use of JfreeChart

Hi everyone,

I realise that the charting object is based on Is there a way to use the full range of charting features of the jfreechart package?

I was hoping to do some contour plot, or similar, which according to the jfreechart website is achieved through an XYPlot with XYBlockRenderer.

I assume I first create a classic chart and then use ‘configureChart’ extension function to manipulate its properties?

Would anyone have some suggestions as to how to start this? I am assuming that within the extension function I’ll have to create a new renderer, as well as an XYZDataset and then somehow write these into the chart’s properties. The renderer, I think I may be able to manage :open_mouth: , but how do I create the XYZDataset? Will I automatically have an XYZDataset if my ClassicChart’s data is a table with 3 columns?


Hello Koen,

I realize this is a bit old, but I am just starting to investigate something very similar to your post.
If you had made any progress and are willing to share some code snippets with me I would greatly appreciate it.



It is also possible to create a new Ignition module and create a new Chart component.


[quote=“nmudge”]It is also possible to create a new Ignition module and create a new Chart component.[/quote]Yes, this is definitely the way to go. There’s a whole host of pitfalls if you end up accidentally serializing any jython classes you create in your implementation. Been there, done that. /-:
You can safely subclass the existing chart components in a java module to minimize the new code you’ll need. My NoteChart module is less than 3000 LOC.

How can we get Annoted Text from Jfree Annoted Chart. When I tried “getAnnotations()” syntax I am getting output something in this form "org.jfree.chart.annotations.CategoryTextAnnotation@a0943fdc"
How can we get the output in readable format?

It looks like you should be able to call .getText() on the CategoryTextAnnotation in order to get the text value.


Appreciative. Thank you!