Use of JyNI (compatibility layer between CPython and Jython) in Ignition

For the purpose of using python libraries like numpy, pandas etc. We stumbled upon JyNI – Jython Native Interface. At their website it is described as “a compatibility layer with the goal to enable Jython to use native CPython extensions like NumPy or SciPy”.

Does this work in Ignition?
If so, how is it implemented?
Or does anybody know any alternative routes?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

You will save yourself much grief if you pursue java library alternatives like JScience.


Either do what Phil suggests and go full java, or have whatever data you are trying to do ML on in a database and have your CPython access it and work on it that way (assuming your machine has CPython on it).

Mixing and matching with this just seems like an extra layer that will give you problems without additional benefits to justify it.

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