Use of SDK in Maker Edition

Can I use the SDK in the maker edition? I am new to Ignition and the SDK. I wanna write a standalone Java program which can read/write tags of an Ignition Gateway… regards Andy

Well, that’s not possible with the SDK at all, so Maker support is moot. The SDK is to make add-on modules for Ignition that run inside, not stand-alone. From inside, you can read and write tags freely, and Maker Edition is supported.


The easiest way I think might be to create an OPC-UA connection to the Ignition OPC-UA server.
I say “easiest” as I’ve never tried creating an OPC-UA connection in Java. Maybe it’s not easy…

You can as well connect your standalone application to ignition using tcp sockets thru a gateway script. I guess maker supports gateway scripts

so I have to build a Ignition Module - I guess a module is some kind of a running Java program and it can act as a (e.g. http) server… I think I should first read the docs (I am brand new to Ignition)… thank you very much, I now know in which direction I have to go…

You don’t necessarily need to build an Ignition module.

If your first post was accurate then you just need to pick some method of communicating with Ignition and implement it.

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There is a steep learning curve involved in building modules , you have to understand maven build process , understand the class library of ignition , use the interfaces properly and so on ! Unless you are an experienced java developer, It’s better to start with scripts if the task is simple . Of course a compiled module will be more efficient than scripts but it’s a tread off between efficiency and ease !

Thank you for the hint … I will still give it a try, let’s see how hard or easy it is to build a module…

I think my first post was not really accurate … I will give the API a try, I like Java (even more SCALA) and SCADA and I guess with the SDK I can do “anything”, like reading history of tags, read alerts, … and I don’t wanna deal with OPC UA History …

Good luck !

I have to admit you were right. I wanted to implement a GraphQL interface… in the meanwhile I did it on top of OPC UA (thanks to Eclipse/Milo!). It can now be used with any OPC UA Servers… if someone needs GraphQL or MQTT for OPC UA … here it is. But there is still a lot to do …