Use of Symbol Factory

Hi, Id like to use the Symbol Factory. I'm using ignition designer in trial mode as I don't own it, my customer has the licenses for operation etc. How do I go about this do I buy a specific license for myself for its use? If so how as I cannot find that answer thus far.


Get them to upgrade to v8.1. The symbol factory doesn't have trial mode restrictions in v8+, IIRC.

Or become an Ignition integrator. I don't recall what level you'd need to qualify, but you can get a development license.

Otherwise you'd have to buy a complete gateway license, and I'm not sure you can buy a new v7.9 license anymore (it is end-of-life).

(See the pricing page on IA's main site to assemble a package that most closely matches your client's license.)

Thank you Sir, I appreciate that