Use rows from SQL query to create variable amount of text boxes in report


I am doing a small project which is mainly handling forms. The forms are recording data from inspections and then inputting any actions required into a database. I want to then run a report which will list in text format the actions required for a certain area. I have got the data out as an sql data source, however I would then like to create multiple text boxes (amount of boxes dependent on the amount of actions required) that lists the actions that have been logged to the database. I am not entirely sure if this can be done. I am thinking of using a for loop to cycle through the dataset, however I am not sure how to dynamically put these into the required amount of datasources?

Hopefully that makes sense,

Thanks in advance


A table object in a report will create a ‘Details’ row for every row from the parent dataset, even if you haven’t configured anything inside the table cells. This would be your best base to extend out a dynamic report object - there’s no other ability to create multiple objects dynamically in a report.

Cool, thanks will take a look into it, did think it may be a long shot.



If you want a printed report I’d do as @PGriffith mentioned (since he’d know much better than I about that). If a screen based report you could setup something with a template repeater or a template canvas / repeater combination that could be programmed with such functionality (# of text areas based on # of rows in a dataset for instance).

Forms is one area that would be good for Ignition to have a good module for common uses - I think their may be a 3rd party module for some forms related things but not sure off my head. Give the Marketplace a look.