Use Tag in Alarm Display Path

I am having issues concatenating text with a bound tag in ignition. I know the issue with the the tag portion of it, I just cant figure out how to make it work. Even if I just have the tag in there without any concatenation I cannot get the display path to display the tags value.

How do I make an ignition tag something I can concatenate with.

"Fan Speed Is: " + {[default]Refrigeration/Fan Status.Fan Speed}

I looked into toStr() but could not get it to work

"Fan Speed Is: " + toStr({[default]Refrigeration/Fan Status.Fan Speed})

I have spent more time on this than I care to admit and its getting pretty frustrating.

What version of Ignition are you running?

Some things I see in 8.0.12, when using the tags value as part of the display path:

  • It will display the previous value. when it alarms, not the current one.
  • Setting the Active delay to 1 second correctly shows the correct value, but shows alarm as cleared.

Version 8.0.10 is what I am using. Your fix worked.


IMO, this is a bug, as it should not clear the most recent alarm, if the alarm condition still exists.

Also, I don’t think you’re supposed to be asking questions on the forum relating to the certification test.

I guess I should of read the document closer, I figured the forum was okay, but it says only user manual and inductive university. To be fair, they shouldn’t be asking me questions that can not be solved due to bugs in their software. This took up 4 hours of my morning that I am not happy about.

I’d suggest removing this topic for future test goers and submitting the bug to the test support guys. But fwiw, your first expression is what i submitted and what worked, albeit I used [~] instead, back in 8.0.3 or 4 (I can’t t remember now). There were a fair few bugs in those versions (to be expected)