Use tag in Label

Hi) my name is Andrii! I started to learn ignition, but I worked with FTV ME. And somebody can tell me, how I can use two tag in “Label” as like showed on Pictures image .
I want to show how I tried to do it in the top variant . At the bottom what I want to achieve.
How can I accomplish this using only one LABEL object?

You could use an expression binding.

{GDU_Pages/Page} + ' of ' + {GDU_Pages/Max_Page}

should probably work.

it is work!!! thanks)))

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Glad to hear it! If you want to really pack text into your one label you can try

"<html><center>Page<br>" + {GDU_Pages/Page} + ' of ' + {GDU_Pages/Max_Page} + "</html>"

I feel sorry for you, but welcome to the light :grinning:


Hi) maybe you can help me? How I can do it in Perspective?
I wrote this, but it not work very good
“”+‘Connection Status’+’
’+’ MCP01: '+{[System]Gateway/Devices/AB1/Status.value}+

MCP02: '+{[System]Gateway/Devices/AB2/Status.value}+

MCP03: '+{[System]Gateway/Devices/AB3/Status.value}+

MySQL: '+{[System]Gateway/Database/MySQL80/Available.value}+""

I don’t work much with Perspective, but you could try this.

"<html>Connection Status<br>"
+ "MCP01: " + {[System]Gateway/Devices/AB1/Status.value} + "<br>"
+ "MCP02: " + ... (You would continue on this pattern.)

The important thing here is <br> for new line. The whitespace in the expression doesn’t matter except it can cause syntax problems if done badly. If you want the text centered you could use <html><center> where <html> is currently

Worth noting: controlling formatting this way might not be the best way. It might be easier to simply use 4 of whatever component you’re working with.

i try the same, it doesn`t work

Without more information no one can help you much. Does it show an error overlay? Throw an error in any logs? Can you post the type of component you’re trying to use? A screenshot of where you’re typing this expression? Any other info about the problem that might be helpful?

Maybe someone more familiar with Perspective can be helpful, but without more information I don’t know what you should try next.


Man I need more coffee…

OK so what is the error you are seeing? Or what is happening that your don’t want to happen?

1 enter after status

End enter doesn’t work after every row

You would be better off using the markdown component:

You can control line breaks etc…

Can I use tag In this object?

I’m not 100% sure. I rarely reference tags like you are in a text. I usually create properties and bind them to tags and then use that in an expression.

Try it an see

Markdown is on the money and then you can use html tags as you did in Vision to add inline formatting

It is work!!! tag is using it markdown))))

Can anyone go into detail on the above - I am trying to create a multiline label that will continuously update:

Source bound via expression to either a tag or property: "STRING START: "+{this.custom.PROPERTY} - this will evaluate once and enable editing via HTML, however if the tag value changes the Source property removes the format edits.

Edit - specifically looking for where I can place the property callout - this doesn’t appear to be able to be placed directly in the Markdown Source property.

Anything that you type directly into the source prop will be interpreted as a string. So long as it isn’t seen as part of the Markdown syntax or HTML that isn’t escaped or disallowed.

You need to create some type of binding, probably an expression binding, on the Source.


"STRING START:" + {this.custom.PROPERTY}

or this:

concat("STRING START:", {this.custom.PROPERTY})

should work.