Use tag in Label

Hi) my name is Andrii! I started to learn ignition, but I worked with FTV ME. And somebody can tell me, how I can use two tag in “Label” as like showed on Pictures image .
I want to show how I tried to do it in the top variant . At the bottom what I want to achieve.
How can I accomplish this using only one LABEL object?

You could use an expression binding.

{GDU_Pages/Page} + ' of ' + {GDU_Pages/Max_Page}

should probably work.

it is work!!! thanks)))

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Glad to hear it! If you want to really pack text into your one label you can try

"<html><center>Page<br>" + {GDU_Pages/Page} + ' of ' + {GDU_Pages/Max_Page} + "</html>"

I feel sorry for you, but welcome to the light :grinning: