Use Template Repeater for a Template with User Defined Data

Is it possible to use template repeater for a template that has only 1 template parameter, but it is a user defined data type parameter.
The example used in the Inductive University training shows the use of template repeater using a template with an integer parameter, but my template has a user defined data type instead.

I don’t know if this can be done in the way you described. What I usually do is make a “Path” parameter for the module, then bind the user defined data type to an indirect tag with the indirect path being the Path parameter. That way, you can use the Dataset repeat behavior with string type tags to specify your user defined types. You can also do the same thing with a “wrapper” template, just a template to hold the other template and do the same sort of binding.

Hopefully that makes sense…

I think this is what I am looking to do, but I am not sure if I understand completely.
Are you making a “path” parameter of type string in your template? Then you pass the name of the user defined data type into this string?
I am not sure where you are doing the indirect tag binding.

Yes, that’s the first part. When you have that path, you can put a binding on your existing data type parameter of type “Indirect Tag”, then use just {1} for the path and make your first indirect parameter be your path parameter. … ag+Binding has the details on the Indirect Tag Binding.