Use UDT Parameters on a Template

I have created a UDT which is going to be used for integrating water tanks monitored differential pressure transmitters. I have created parameters for the UDT, one of which involves the maximum height of the tank. I want to bind this to the capacity property of the water tank template I am making, but I'm not sure how to do this. The UDT only has one tag with it, the "Value" of the transmitter. I cannot seem to find way bind any of my parameters to the template.

Create a string parameter on your template called 'tagPath'. Pass the path to your UDT tag into this parameter when using the template.

Then make an internal custom property on the template called 'tankHeight' and then add a bidirectional indirect tag binding to it with the indirect path looking something like {1}/Parameters.maxHeight. Configure it so the first indirection parameter looks at the 'tagPath' parameter you made on the template.

You should then be able to both read and write to the height parameter in your UDT from the template by adjusting the value on that internal template property. You can bidirectionally bind a numeric entry field's value property to it for user input.

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