Used a Single License on Multiple Servers and now Can't Log in to original

My company has a single license for Ignition which we run on our local office server to run our office/administrative client.

We were looking into moving it to Amazon Web Services and on 12/7/18, we installed Ignition on a EC2 instance of AWS and used the same license number that our office uses. It started running in trial mode which it said was good for a week (so it wouldn’t have run out until 12/14/18, when everyone was out of office).

Now it’s Monday. Our local office server is not letting us run clients, and also more worryingly we can’t log into it with our admin accounts. On AWS, which previously said 7 day trial, now says Trial Expired but as though it’s only for two hours. Our admin credentials DO work on this.

We are trying to get Ignition on our office server to run again. What is going on and how can we fix it? Do we need another license or to completely uninstall/unregister our AWS instance somehow?

Small note, but it sounds like your license went into Emergency Activation Mode, since the trial normally works on a two hour window, not seven days.

No need for a license change (the license should never impact the ability to log into the Gateway's web interface). Consider using the Gateway Control Utility to reset the admin user's password, which can give you a chance to figure out why your normal credentials aren't working.

You are correct it was Emergency Activation Mode. Yea my coworker just did that and now we’re on the phone with tech support seems like it should get resolved now. Thank you.