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hello everyone again!

I have a question, maybe it's dummie for some, for me it is ;). I would like to have a control of the income for users who enter the Vision, which can not access in a range of hours, for example from 14:00 to 18:00 can not access the Vision.

I have made an example schedule with this configuration

it is 14:33 in my country

looking at the configuration I am allowed to access until 14:30 and being 14:33 I still have access to the vision when I should not.

I have also configured it in config < user < roles

Is there an internal script that I should run as well, or should it work the way I have it?


Did you enable "Schedule Restricted" in the User Source config itself?

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yes, it is :frowning:

Project properties:

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What version of Ignition are you using? Let me see if I can make it work on my 8.1.20 setup.
EDIT: I notice that the Weekdays 0000-2400 option is checked by default, I'm wondering if having that on is causing issues. I'm going to leave it on for my testing, and then test without it if I can't make the schedule work.

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It works for me on 8.1.20. I set up a schedule that is only active during noon:

Set up a user with the schedule:

and it won't let me log in, as expected.

If I change Mr. McCree's schedule to Always, it logs in just fine. I'm at a bit of a loss here to be honest. Maybe I did something you missed?

I don't know what happened, but I decided to do a new schedule "test" and it worked. :wink:

Maybe it's because I closed the Vision client and reopened another one, I don't know, but it worked just as you said.

thank you very much Felipe

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Honestly, this is probably the actual solution. In my experience it often takes a restart of the client to "notice" certain config changes.