User Auth: Internal vs Database

Hi All,

I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of using internal and external database to manage users and roles. Other than the obvious, what are some of the pros and cons that you guys have and which do yo use?


I generally use the Internal user source for most projects, it’s quick and simple to use. I use the Database user source when I need to associate additional data with users, maybe what departments they work in, customer IDs, etc.

Hi Pat,

Same here, I’m trying to decide if its worth always going database vs internal, we have had a few times where the project scope changes and then we have to move to an external DB to get added functionality that’s not built into the internal. Then I find that we have to move the users, rols, contact info, etc over to a new db, test etc… I am just trying to avoid the time consuming switch in the future by heading it off now.

Thanks for the insight.