User Authentication - Deny Login to Repeat Username

I’ve been working with several different authentication types (all working well) but I’ve not been able to find a method for denying login to a user already logged in. Ideally I’d like to stick with AD/Hybrid type but I’m open to others.

Say I have a user “User01”, I would like to deny future clients the ability to login as “User01” as this user is already active. Once “User01” is no longer active within a client it could again be allowed to start a new client. Is anything along these lines possible?


Yes, it is possible but you have to do it through the startup script. So basically we will use AD to login but once they are logged in we will check to see if they are already logged in and if they are we will log them out. The startup script will look something like this:sessions = system.util.getSessionInfo("User01", "ProjectName") if len(sessions) > 1: system.gui.messageBox("You can only be logged in once") the way you can edit the startup script from the designer under Project > Event Scripts (Client) from the menu at the top. Select the Startup tab and put the script in.

Perfect, thank you.