User being granted a Security Level that no longer exists - according to "Test Login"

Using the “test login” functionality for an IDP in the Gateway, I’m seeing these security levels being granted to a user:


I had created the “Customers” level and later deleted it and added “Customer”, effectively renaming it. Therefore I would expect that a user wouldn’t be receiving this deleted Security Level.

The actual full list of security levels look like this as defined in the Gateway:


(The blurred level is simply another Customer level that isn’t being granted to this user)

Hi @md.szyman -

The security level is still being granted because you must have a user grant or security level rule in the IdP’s config which grants the level to your user.

If you go to the IdP’s User Grants or Security Level Rules configuration page, you should see a message like below with icons next to the levels which are no longer defined:

Delete the offending user grant or security level rule and save, then perform another test login. Users should no longer be granted the security level.


Oh whoops, sorry, you’re right. I thought I had already removed them from the IDP’s level rules. I was mistaken. Thank you!

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