User Conference

All right who is going? Wondering who I might see there.

I will be there.

me too

Me too, looking forward to it!

I was there last year, but unfortunately this year I will not be able to attend. :cry:

I missed last year, but am really looking forward to seeing you all this year!

Very well done guys.
Very polished this year and it looked as if the nerves from 2013 and Mr Murphy were gone

any big announcements outside of Inductive U? I wasnt able to attend this year.

One announcement that might be useful to you is This will let you suggest (and vote up) new features for Ignition, and see feedback from the IA team on what we’re planning on for the next version(s).

V7.8 was previewed. Biggest thing I am looking forward to is the revamp of the reporting module. No longer will a Vision window need to be open, and the front end for design will be more user friendly.

thats great news.

I hope to make it out again soon, hope to see you again. Been along time since Denver.