User-configurable alarming

We have a SOW which includes a requirement for a client to have the ability to essentially create/modify/delete an alarm with associated alarm attributes for every tag in a system.

There can be 50,000+ tags in our systems so we need to solve this in a very abstract way. I've used memory tags, or even instances of an alarm profile UDT of memory tags, for the occasional configurable alarm - but that doesn't scale to this challenge.

Has anyone else solved for this type of requirement in a creative way? I have an idea (heavily using system.tag functions) but I'm curious to hear if others have approached this problem.

could this not do the job? if not it can be a good start


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I created a tool to do something very similar to this for a past customer. I used system.tag.getConfiguration and system.tag.configure a lot for getting and modifying alarms. Note that getConfiguration does not return all tag or alarm properties by default, which can prove troublesome when you get into modifying alarms on UDT instances. Good luck, something like that can easily become quite the undertaking!

That. Is. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.