User configuration from Ignition Client

I have a customer who would like to allow users above a certain clearance level to add / delete and modify other user accounts. We would like to provide this access through the Ignition Client rather than through Gateway configuration. Although the Gateway web interface is fairly user-friendly, the people doing these account changes won’t be familiar with Gateway configuration and could cause problems if given full Gateway configuration access. The customer would also like to try to keep most functions within the Ignition client so users of any level rarely see or interface with the desktop and other applications (the client machines are dedicated touch screens).

I see security script functions for looking up access levels, but nothing for actually manipulating the security configuration.

Is it possible to do this within the Ignition Client?


This can be done using the database authentication profile, it would just be a series of queries to the database where the usernames, passwords, etc are stored. Additionally, you can also setup security on the button that starts the add/edit/delete user process so that it can only be accessed by authorized users.

Believe it or not, all this user management is hidden away in one of the older projects Inductive was handing out as a goodie. I can’t find it on the website anymore, but I’ve exported the relevant screens for you.
UserManagement.proj (112 KB)

There was also a forum thread about it too, if I remember correctly. I spent some time looking for it, but came up with nothing. Thanks for the help gbuehler! :thumb_left:

Thanks to you both for the help, I will check this out.


I downloaded the project that Greg (the other one) put up. I was able to import the project and open it into designer without any issues. I would suggest downloading it again. Make sure that you have removed the other project. Then import the project by going to the Ignition Gateway and importing the project in the projects section of the configuration. If that doesn’t work then we can go from there.

Also, keep in mind that you will get errors within the project since you are not connected to a database.