User Control of Client Timezone

We have a project where we typically want the client to show data that is automatically converted to the clients timezone (Project Properties >> Vision >> General >> Timezone Behavior = “Client Timezone”). However, there are some users who would like to be able to switch back and forth between Local and UTC (values are all stored as UTC in DATETIME columns within a MySQL database). I know we could modify scripts/queries to convert values as necessary but I was hoping for an easier option. Ideally we would be able to change the project property between “Client Timezone” and “Gateway Timezone” on the fly from within the client.

Is something like this at all possible? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

In Vision, I’m pretty sure java’s TimeZone.setDefault() is your answer. I have no idea what I’d do for Perspective. Probably a browser-specific “lie about my timezone” plugin.

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