User-Controlled Password Change

Hi all…my apologies if this question has already been answered:

I have certain users designated for client only permissions. I am wanting to add more users and give them the ability to change their own passwords (instead of me generating the passwords for them), without giving them access to the overall configuration section of my gateway. Is this possible? I have tried using both default security and database security. Due to our current network configuration, using an identity provider or LDAP is not possible. Would appreciate any help you can give on this.


Vision or Perspective

What’s you’re user source? A database user source is pretty trivial, you just need to update the password field in your Users table (with proper hashing and salting).

If you’re using Vision, you can use a User Management component and change the mode to “Edit Current”.


Thanks guys. My apologies for the late response. The user management tool worked. I had tried that before but missed the configuration for ‘current user’. Thanks again!