User credentials in the tag edition permission issue

Hello friends,

I define an operator role for access Designer and then log in the designer with the operator user. But, when I try to edit the tag property, it cannot edit it. An error occurred while applying changes to the tag property.

In the tag editing permission defined the operator role.

PFA snapshot for your reference.

Defined the operator role for the access designer.

Defined the operator role for tag editing.I also tried with this path. (Authenticated/Roles/Operator,SecurityZones/localhost)

Use the oper username to log in to the designer.

oper user properties.

An error occurred while trying to modify a tag property.

So, how to edit a tag with defined user roles?

Hi Govind,

There may be a typo issue with your roles. In your Tag Editing Permissions, you have Authenticated/Roles/Operator with a big O.

In your user defined roles, you have operator with a little o.

I would first take a look at these and make any corrections before trying to move forward.

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Hi kbarrett,

Yes, I already do that and it's worked. thanks for the reply.