[USER ERROR] Numeric Entry Field Constantly Rejecting-Reverting-Rejecting Values

Some Numeric Entry Fields I am utilizing on a screen have gotten into a state where they are constantly rejecting and reverting their values. This is causing the designer to slow down/timeout and the fields are constantly flashing values.

We’ll need some more info in order to help you troubleshoot this. Are the NEFs bound to any values in any way? What are the values you are seeing? Do the NEFs have formatting in place?

I realize I did not specify that this is Perspective above. My bad.

The value property is bound to a view parameter. The minimum property is bound to a view custom property. The upper bound is set statically. My lower bound was in the range of around 0-1000 and the upper bound is set to 9999.

It seemed like I could piece the bindings together one by one and wasn’t necessarily seeing problems immediately, but somehow I wound up in a state where it just flashed between two values constantly and once I was in that state, nothing I did short of deleting the component would stop it.

So what values were coming in which triggered the issue
/what were you setting the value to
/what value is in the bound param?

If the NEF has lower and upper bounds then it should prevent user input, but it shouldn’t prevent initial values outside the bounds, so it sounds like the component should be initializing correctly. Is this happening at runtime in a session, or in the Designer while in design mode, or in the Designer while in Preview mode?

This is all design-time (both with preview enabled and without). You are correct it seems to be fine with having an initial value outside of bounds. The initial value for the bound parameter was nothing. An empty string, I suppose. Not null. I took a stab at building up a fresh field piece by piece to see if I could generate the behavior and I could not. I’d like to say that the problem was an initial value out of bounds and a new input value also out of bounds and it was just swapping back and forth between those two values, but I tried that and it seemed to have no problem reverting to the initial (also out of bounds) value and staying there.

For the sake of it, I will also mention I had a style configured for text color for out of bounds values, but I doubt that’s contributing.

This is the part where I look super dumb, but it turns out I had a circular reference. I had the parameter bound to the value property of the field and the value property of the field was bound to the parameter. This combined with the field being able to reject values seemed to cause some pretty wild behavior.

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